Acht ICT studenten hebben deelgenomen aan Huawei’s Seeds for the Future-programma in Costa Rica.

Acht ICT studenten (Shiwani Khemai, Prithvi Loetawan, Rohit Ramautar, Richard Kuils, Shivan Ghoerai, Santosh Sewdien, Kelsey Ronomedjo en Sheniel Prasad) hebben deelgenomen aan Huawei’s Seeds for the Future-programma van 9 tot 16 oktober 2023 in Costa Rica.
What is Seeds for the Future?
Seeds for the Future is more than just a program – it’s an expedition of discovery and learning. Huawei has opened its doors, and this year, our students stepped inside the world of cutting-edge ICT knowledge. They received courses on the latest technologies, including 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and so much more. But it’s not just about the tech; they explored the heart and soul of Costa Rica, engage in leadership courses, and connect with peers from around the globe.
A Global Gathering of Bright Minds
The Seeds for the Future Programme is not just about classroom learning. Our students had the incredible opportunity to meet, interact, and collaborate with brilliant minds from eight countries in the Latin America/Caribbean Region, and that includes our very own Suriname! We’re thrilled to welcome Suriname back into this remarkable journey.
Thank you Huawei for this opportunity provided to our students!